March 31, 2014

The Candy Colors of Acro Yoga.... The Start of the book........

As my moods have changed as well as my curiousness about Yoga! My attempt at yoga over the years has been an experience. Lets just say, sometimes the mind can do more then the body wishes... But it is my fascination with yoga, the purity of it, the art of it, and the relationship of self that has brought me here. One of the best feelings for me is when class has ended and I have the feeling and sensation of walking on bubble wrap with out the popping sound.

My appreciation for the art and love of yoga has grown into an addiction. Every session teaches me a new lesson, which incorporates the art of achieving a higher level of mind, body & soul.

Then I met Dawn and Mark Oliver at Yogiiza on Miami Beach. My outlook on yoga did a 180 it completely changed simply by them inviting me one night to there studio and introducing me to Acro Yoga... 

I was hooked, I watched and I was pulled in, I saw balance, I saw the strength which it took to control of the motion. I saw how the partners worked together cohesively, breathing, hands in hands, legs twisting, torsos flexing and then locating the exact body location for support that is needed to achieve some of the most difficult posses to form the most brilliant statue like poses, Trust, no fear, believing and repeating it over and over again until it is absolutely perfect.  It is a dance it is a graceful exchange of weight, of breaths of air, it is the most perfect action of 2 souls coming together.

Which has brought me to here and now.

With the help of Renee Dillman my assistant, together we came up with an idea, we wanted to create images that were not ""pure"" in the sense of how we think about yoga, how we practice yoga in the perfect place, where we are able to open and begin breathing and moving into a state of mediation * there would be no amazing beach, there will be no studio over looking a great valley in some remote jungle, there would be none of that.

And then my mind went black and I wanted to take this beauty I wanted to take the most perfect bodies, the most advanced acro yogi's I could find and then taint it.  

What we did was started seeking out locations that were the complete opposite of a typical locations for us to shoot the beauty of one Yoga Master, One perfect yoga person at the most desirable bluff, or studio with a view. Been there done that more then a few times for clients. 

Now we have solo yogis, we have acro yoga partners, we have acro yoga couples, now we have these amazing, gifted people contacting us to partake in our shoots.

We found old cement factories, we found recycled tire plants, we found junk yards, we found gun ranges, we used the walls of Wynnwood, we used a studio of a guy who rebuilds old classic motorcycles, All the locations were found through friends, through friends of friends and believe me this is the just the start.
(Thank you guys)  

These are all great locations but my next group of images that I'm currently shooting are very dark and very morbid. This is the trail that we are on, because we are again focusing on that yoga is a mind set that no matter how old you are, no matter what shape you are in, no matter of social class, no matter of your level of experience or location anyone could achieve this higher level just by attending a few classes. Finding inner peace during the most intense situations, How your breathing relates to your energy, to the color of your hue around you. 

At first I was hesitant on showing any of the images. I wanted to keep it hidden I wanted to keep working on this project and the reflection it is having on me personally. It is still a growing body of work that is evolving into something more unique, something richer for me internally and that is the driving force of why I am sharing some of the images now. 

Special thanks to my assistant Renee Dillman without her hard work and dedication this series would not of had a starting point for a new beginning.

Without the following we would not have had any shoots:

Craig at We Love Colors for providing us with all the leggings, tops, socks and more. 

On to the people who found the time, drove the extra mile, took a chance, climbed a tower, worked on the ropes over battered, broken cars, who bend over backwards 25 feet off the ground across two stones 4 feet apart, jumped over fences, barbed wire, crawled under god knows what to get in and many other things we needed to do to get what we got....:) AWESOME, AWESOME  AWESOME! 

If in Miami, Fort Lauderdale you want to meet and get involved with Yoga or Acro Yoga:  Here’s your chance to work and meet some the toughest, kindest, warmest, friendliest and above all amazing yoga teachers and students here in South Florida: 

A huge shout out to: 

Charly Acro Om and Arianne Traverso :TRIO - Mind Body Spirit Studio and AcroYoga
Jessica Chin Fong: Yoga Teacher at Yoga Connection

Rob Newmans and Megan Johnson the Slacro-duo  ACRO YOGA,

Victor Nieves, Brice Lafosse, Bethany Sheriden, Karen Arias, Aziza Lubaya~ 

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December 15, 2013

Friendships & personalities: Working in the unknown~

What I love most about life is the unknown: the nervousness at which I exit an airport in a new city for the first time, the unknown streets, the unfamiliar smells, the change in my step as I walk, realizing that I am not hearing English as droves of people pass by me!
What I love about traveling is one thing that and only this ONE thing: people glancing at someone and holding that gaze for a split second prior to the smile or the smirk that is open, receptive, unmasked inviting~ young or old, male or female, street punk or societies child, it does not matter to me about language or class, or environment, what matters most is that connection that moment that says it all.
The eyes, the hands the body language, the smile, the hello, the hand gesture to go forward~ The eyes lock on the hand extends and the introduction has been made, the connection is there, the time is right~ 

Timing, exploration the unknown seeps inside my head, the words rise to my lips as I say hello or slightly bow my head as to offer myself to this moment, acceptance is the ultimate reward. My passion, my life centers on this moment! My job depends on these moments. These relationships are real they are tangible they are here and now.  The once unfamiliar smell becomes my smell, my walking stride becomes that cities stride. I am home, I am comfortable, I am aware that I am only a guest, I am conscious of my role, I am immersed in this moment. I get infective, I get affective.  I absorb it and I give it back~ I give in, you give in~

I capture this moment I tattoo it into my memory, I etch it on my skin, I reach out for the second time and snap the shutter. I am a photographer, I am working, I realize that this moment is now gone. I am that person that understands that I will never see you again. I will never have that connection again! We both understand that this moment is ours, that language does not matter, but what matters most is the time.  

I leave that path that destination and I return home. I turn on my computer I open my email. I am pulled back to your city, to our time! Your emails come in 10 at time, from the beach, from the bar, from the yacht, from airport, from the streets, from the market, from the club, from the hotel, from every where~ I take it all in I digest it, I click out of my emails without opening one of them.

I stare at my desktop,  I glance at the folder on my computer I click on it and I know that once I open it I am transported back,  I am returning home again,  I am lost in your city,*( our city)  I am lost in our conversation, I am lost in thought as I flip through all of our images. Hours have passed and the emails continue to pour in. I’m already apologizing for the delay, I am already writing that email in mass quantity in my head: Saying thank you, saying everything about our time and how special it was, How we should stay in touch, and  yes the images, yes I know how much they mean to you, how excited you are to see them.  How much it meant that you took the time your time to allow me to do what I do.

I recoil into my thoughts as I’m selecting photos for my client, for you my new friends~ For you I am up at 3:52 am, for you I am retouching our images, for you I am ever thankful to you for making my life a  little easier on the road!~  

                                                               -MORE TIME-


November 30, 2013

The Ultimate Way the Ultimate day, the vibe of Miami Reggae Festival!

With Stephen Marley (Jamaica), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Africa’s Ivory Coast),  Cultura Prof├ętica (Puerto Rico),  Natiruts (Brazil), Midnite (St. Croix USVI), Gondwana (Chile), Black Slate & Carroll Thompson from the United Kingdom, Carroll Thompson (United Kingdom), Bachaco (Venezuela), Causion (Antigua), Don One Musical Showcase (Jamaica), Cornerstone Sounds (Cuba), DJ Majestic (Trinidad & Tobago)…..........

What can I say, I was @ home….. Literally @ home, when I was thirsty I was given water, when I was hungry I was given food, this is what life is all about – connecting with the life, the people around you, findingsecure footing while walking amongst thousands, breathing in the rainbow of flavors that intice you. This is LIFE, this is / was the Miami Reggae Festival……

Moving throughout the grounds, old friends appeared, and new friendships were made! What I found was comfort in the rain, I found a kinship with the musicians, I found that all paths in life keep crossing; I found that burned out memories get re-ignited and flare up in the spirit of the lyrics.  A hand shake, a pound, an acknowledgement of acceptance that goes unspoken~

We are @ the Miami Reggae Festival we are chilling with Gondwana, and Bachaco, we are shooting, we are on the bus with Tiken Jah Fakoly we are off the bus, we are trading jokes with Black Slate & the sweet Miss Carroll Thompson, we are all feeling that vibration, the bittersweet hum that enters into your skin and touches your bones.

We are taken to Africa’s Ivory Coast, we are taken to Puerto Rico, we are taken to Brazil, we are taken to St. Croix USVI, we are taken to Chile, we are taken to the United Kingdom, we are taken to Venezuela, we are taken to Antigua, we are taken to Cuba, we are taken to Trinidad & Tobago and NOW WE ARE being TAKEN TO PARADISE, we WERE lead right to the front door of Jamaica!

WE were taken by our hands and by our souls, we were taken by our minds, we were taken by Stephen Marley, we were taken, we were transformed, we, the willing were following………………………..are following….. the voice of  Stephen Marley

And when we thought we had reached a plateau, we had hit the highest levels, with the vibrations passing through each and everyone of us at the same time! Only to hear Stephen Marley introduce his brothers Damian and Ky-Mani 2 more Marleys and more Marleys are on the stage. The colors changed, the vibe grew 1000 fold…
 …….. LIFE IS here. Life is echoing throughout MIAMI, life is being savored, life here is……. respected.

Special thanks to:


October 1, 2013

Summers Gone~ & Fall is already upon us!

The summer has ended and fall is already here. As some of you have read or
heard over the past 5 months my assignments have taken me to St. Lucia,
Antigua and Barbados (Elite Island Resorts) and New York City, Seattle, Miami andAtlanta ( We Love Colors). My clients are some of the top-rated resorts and spas in the Caribbean (St. James Club Resort and Spa), in NYC I worked with one of thlargest Dessert Companies in the world ) Bindi USA, In Miami I worked with Westin Diplomat Hotel. In Seattle I worked with one of the most highly recommended spas (Anayana Spa).

Currently my work is being featured in Destinations Travel Magazine.

This months feature is a photo essay is on Antigua as well as a story on
Food working as a photographer with Master Chef Eric Barale from Oceania
Cruise Line.

In the coming month's many of my other clients and other projects that I
have been busily working on over the past 6 months, will be featured in
the magazine 'Destinations Travel Magazine', with over 90,000 twitter followers and over 800,000 website views a month and growing. Every month, I will have a 
feature article on food and will be filled all the great little details 
that make up some of the tasty dishes, chefs favorites recipes, working with only
local and seasonal sourced ingredients and more...

Also each month, I will be providing 'Destinations Travel Magazine' with
cover stories that will focus on exotic travel, spa get-aways, select USA,
Caribbean and Latin American destinations.

There are two personal book projects that I have been producing here in
Miami. One is food-based and involves some of today's most talented
top-rated chefs in South Florida, and without giving out too many details:
just think about what your ""favorite meal was as a child"!

My other pet project is on Yoga, Yogis and Arco-yoga... Thinking how pure
yoga is, how pure life could be if yoga was a daily ritual...  taking the
purity of Yoga and mixing in with the reality of life .. you get a twist –
you get a odd twist! Now think how odd? Well in the next few weeks and
months there with be a gallery show, there will be articles printed, there
will be a whole lot more to see and read and hopefully you will be a part
of it..

Be sure to checkout for new images, Facebook ( for daily pictures of the day! 

October 2013 Destinations Travel Magazine....

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling backBryant H. McGill  

September 21, 2013

As it appears... We all enjoy watching life go by~ We all comment as we witness life go by~

We all enjoy watching life go by~ We all comment as we witness life go by~

The story could be something so great or so stupid, it could be magical, it could be inspirational or it could be as boring as about waiting in a line at a 7-11 or driving in your car or sitting in baggage claim area in an airport that is how the story will start. It will be like this ....let me tell you a story .... or I just had the most ... or have you heard...  


All the while we start to put ourselves into that story that situation and you start to think and to begin to act a certain way, or respond a certain way, to pretend to you can actually hear the voices, the music, * (the background noise)  you can smell the air, you can feel the situation... You can BE right there in the thick of it... 

If you are a good story teller as you are watcher of life your audience no matter how large or small will be experiencing this with you,  as it is appears... right in front of you right in front of them... You are there in that moment~ 

As it appears....... As a story teller, as much as a good story teller that I am.. I find myself as a witness each and every day at any time every moment I am watching I am absorbing I am asking myself if is this worthy. Is this moment worthy of my time? If this moment is actually worth showing to you my client, or to my potential client, to my friends to my family is it good enough for me? 

If this image worthy of telling a story The Story! The story of that moment.... Am I a good witness that shows you, Am I a good witness that can bring you into that moment make you feel that moment. Am I a good witness that wants to make you Re-tell this story? 


My life is like a video gamers life staring at a monitor or at a TV, instead of the gamers graphics changing colors or backgrounds or moods or ducking from a bullets, or jumping into a car seat...  

My story is this I find myself looking through a hole less then 1/2 inch wide and 1/2 an inch high.... I see everything clear in focus, I can feel the mood, I can smell the air, I can taste life, but it always comes back to one thing.... Am I a good story teller? Is my audience no matter how large or small are they experiencing it as I just did.. As it is appeared in front of me as I have just experienced it...  


That is the question of today~

September 13, 2013

September Destinations Travel Magazine~ Steady70 ~Antigua~ Travel--Foods-Spirits~LIfe~

Antigua~ Travel and foods! Featured in this months Destinations Travel Magazine~ September 2013~

Images By Steve Levine Steady 70 @ the St. James Resort and Spa Antigua~

Images By Steve Levine Steady 70 @ the St. James Resort and Spa Antigua~

Images By Steve Levine Steady 70 @ the St. James Resort and Spa Antigua~ 

Images By Steve Levine Steady 70 @ the St. James Resort and Spa Antigua~

A big thank you to Darlene at Destinations Travel Magazine ~

Antigua~  Elite Islands Resorts~The Saint James Club Antigua~

August 18, 2013

It was like the circus came to town and I was right smack in the middle of it @ a little park in Delray beach~

Today after many too many hours of working non stop for the past few days~

I was invited down to Anchor Park in Delray beach to chill play, watch join what ever with a few friends ~ It turned out to be  a great bunch of cool gumby types that could not stop climbing, sharing or swapping partners, tops ( Flyers) became bottoms ( bases) and bases became flyers. 

The changes came fast and swift, under the middays sun about 90 degree sweat poured and smiles shone. Coming together were acro yogis from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and from Delray Beach.

It was like the circus came to town and I was right smack in the middle of it.

Thanks guys for the invite~